A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT
A partner academy in the John Taylor MAT

Week 5 at Forest School, First Half

Week 5 at Forest School, First Half
March 9, 2015 shobprimaryschad

Wednesday 4th February 2015

The sun shone beautifully for us this week at Forest School.  We were very surprised to find snow still on the ground when we arrived.  It sounded lovely and crunchy under our feet as we stomped all over it.


Explorer Ted enjoyed our singing so much last week, he set us a challenge to fill the woodland with beautiful music with us singing and playing musical instruments.  We thought Explorer Ted had gone mad!  Where were we going to find musical instruments from in the woodland?

We soon discovered there were musical instruments in abundance with stones, sticks and cones everywhere for us to bang, rub and scrape together.


This week we had lots of time to follow our own interests and complete tasks that we chose for ourselves.  Some of us practised our knot tying, others had lots of fun slithering under and climbing over a rope without touching it.  We felt like real superheroes!  Another group of girls were busy making a shelter and decided to build a roof.  They discovered mud was a great means of sticking grass onto the sticks – a great team effort!

DSCF1220 DSCF1222 DSCF1227 DSCF1229 DSCF1230 DSCF1236

Before we had our lovely cup of hot chocolate, we had a great time singing songs and playing our newly found instruments.  We really did fill the woodland with music, song and lots of laughter.  Explorer Ted loved it!!!

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